Brand and media consulting

At Inside PR, we focus on a personal and careful dialogue in close cooperation with our clients. Among other areas, we advise on media channels, product development, brand image, trends and PR strategies, all of which help you find the unique features, which make your brand and products special in the eyes of consumers and media. We listen to our clients’ needs and always follow up on the agreements and promises.


One of our specialities is to tell the exciting stories that will capture what is special and unique about your products. Because of our long and well-established relationship as well as our daily contact with the press, we are up to date with the latest trends and know how your stories can contribute. We work creatively with mood boards, press releases and news, but we also know how an extraordinary story should be told and delivered to the press. 


Our showroom is centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen in an old authentic building from the 1700-century. From here, we offer to exhibit your products in large, bright and inviting settings. We offer to make your products accessible to the most influential editors, journalists and stylists, helping to increase your brand awareness and strengthen your brand value. In our showroom, your products will be part of an inspiring universe, placed side by side with other great brands.

Online press room

Our clients’ product images is shown in our online pressroom, an integrated part of our website. Our pressroom is an image bank exclusively accessible for selected editors, journalists and stylists from both Denmark and internationally. What characterises our pressroom is its high usability and the simple search function. 

Social media

The digital communication is just as important as editorial coverage in print media, and Inside PR is always up to date regarding new online communication options. We offer to manage our clients’ social media platforms as well as a customised communication plan that identifies the social platforms with the greatest value for your brand. 


Through newsletters, we help you communicate product news and important events of your company to e.g. architects and distributors. Inside PR have great expertise in creating innovative and inspiring newsletters, which will catch the reader's attention instantly.

Media coverage

We are monitoring all relevant media both online and print media and prepare clipping reports of our clients' exposures. The clipping reports give you an indication of which products will be in focus. Furthermore, it creates transparency and highlights the results of our work. 


To increase the awareness of your brand or a new product, Inside PR organises and coordinates events with a focus on media attention. With our creative and innovative approach, we create events that stand out in order to ensure a unique story for the media to follow. If needed, we find the right partners to collaborate with in order to create the best result.